There’s no place like — Atos AWS Coaching Hub Networking Immersion Day

Region, AZ and Local Zone overview
AZ Characteristics
AWS Backbone Network
AWS Global Network, including a statement on cross region traffic
A basic VPC
IPv6 if you want it — note you must run in dual stack mode to use IPv6, it’s not possible to use IPv4 only
Latency test
The age old conundrum of how to separate your workloads
VPC peering — fine at small scale but soon gets complicated
Transit Gateway — the answer to large environments with numerous VPCs
VPC sharing — been around for a while but I’m personally still not sold on it. Apparently customers using it tend to be those who want separation of duties between the networking team and others
AWS Network Firewall
Security Hub — great for visualising your environments security posture



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Mark Ross

Mark Ross

Lead Cloud Architect @ Atos, specialising in AWS